Wedding photographers Jenya Garton and Kira Nevskaya

If you search in the Internet: wedding photographer in Europe you are probably going to face a complicated question: "Whom to choose?" We know that it is difficult as we are in the same situation now! Our wedding is in July and now we are a little bit confused. Fortunately, we have been working in this sphere for many years and we know many photographers in personal, follow their work, so we have practically chosen the best one. Practically!)) We will help you to chose your wedding photographer.

First step. Look through the portfolio - this is a short selection of the best photos. Don’t like the style of shooting or photos processing? Do not lose time. Close it. Go ahead. Like? Super! Go on and watch the wedding series - it's a selection of 40-100 photos from one wedding. It is desirable to watch not only one wedding series, but several, to accurately determine the liking of the photographer's style.

Second step. Wedding series will show on what the photographer does the accent. Impressed? Learn more about the price, read reviews and contact the photographer to clarify whether he is free on your date. No wedding series? It is worthwhile to think whether the photographer has shot the wedding completely and if he is able to do it.

Meeting. Presence of the contract is mandatory! It is advisable to get acquainted with it in advance, so that at the meeting you can ask questions on it. The most important thing is to understand whether a person is suitable for you. Is it comfortable for you to communicate with him? A good sign: if you have laughed during the conversation and felt calm and relaxed, then during the shooting with such a photographer you will definitely feel comfortable. Another important point: the appearance of the photographer at the wedding, if you do not have a beach party, then – the white top, black bottom or completely in black. Believe, it is very important.

And once you visited our site, then enjoy it!
P.S. Do not forget that both of you should like the photos! Good luck!