We are grateful to all our couples who left feedback on our work! Thank you, that you’ve entrusted us to shoot one of the most important days of your life!

Dasha and Dima

The main thing - and for which I wanna thank you a lot, this is my husband's smile on almost all the photographs. Dima never smiles on the photos, and when we watched photos from the wedding, Dima was rejoicing on practically every picture. And it's so valuable! We remember absolutely everything, from the first steps at the ceremony to the cake. Dasha and Dima’s wedding series are here.

16 July 2016.

Alya and Lyonya

Guys, we’ve just watched the photos, honestly, we are delighted, we really liked it. They are very beautiful, cool, atmospheric, as if we have experienced that day again! We are very glad that we have chosen you and that we’ve received such cool material !!! Thank you very much!
Jenya and Kira, I will certainly never understand what you are doing with photographs, that all the people in them are so beautiful. Some kind of magic)) or skill is definitely your competitive advantage over others, you can boldly use it as your slogan! You are incredibly cool at shooting people and action. It is a fact. Thank you very much for the photos, valuable and priceless shots, live moments of joy. You’ve shot absolutely everyone, it's very pleasant and important!

02 September 2017.

Anya and Dima, Montenegro

We are under impression! This is exactly what we’ve wanted, when you look and remember every moment. Sincere, without staging and falsity. Finally, we have our photographers. 😊Photos are top !!! thank you)) have not seen such pictures for a long time! The series from Anya and Dima’s wedding you can see here.

15 September 2017.

Vera Minina, wedding agency Beze

Guuuuuys....Thank you for the work! Thank you for your professionalism, good mood! Working with you was very easy and comfortable!

Arina and Vanya

Jenya, Kira! Photos are incredible !!!!!!!!!!!!! Very cool! Thank you!

13 August 2016.

Lyuba and Arthur

Guys!!!!! This is amazing !!!! I’ve been in euphoria for an hour !!! How did you manage to do it? 100 out of 100 !!!! 👍 I have never seen so many emotions on pics! These minutes seemed to run again !!! Every photo is unbelievably beautiful! How could you shoot every wrinkle that formed from grimacing ???))) thaaaaanks!!!!!!! You are just great! !!!! Perhaps, the best pictures I've ever seen at weddings) yes, all photographers, just forgive me😍 😍 😍 💃💃💃🏻
I am ready to print each in two copies 😂

12 September 2015.
- Our dear, thanks for the feedback!

Tanya Eliseeva, wedding organizer

Jenya, Kira! We’ve just seen all the photos from the wedding of Ira and Denis - we are delighted! Every photo is perfect! Yes, we like your style very much. I love dynamic emotional photos (unlike the refined static fine-art). But not only this matters - you are real professionals! You did not just shoot many photos, you took into consideration all the tasks: decor, and details, and photos with all the guests, and with relatives. No complaints from me at all! Thank you very much!!! I wish we had more projects on which we could work together))) Once again thanks a lot!
And especially thank you for the ease and comfort in communication! It costs a lot!

Alexander Ismailov, host

When choosing photographers I always recommend my clients to look not so much on the photos as on the photographers themselves, meet, communicate with them. If you are comfortable with them, during the photosession you will feel relaxed and maximally open during the shooting. Jenya and Kira are the people with whom you immediately find a common language. They are sociable, smiling, cheerful and energetic. We laughed with them in the dressing room, and on the stage we worked as a co-operative friendly team. And there was a feeling that we were old friends.
As for the pictures: the eyes see, the heart misses a beat and rejoices. From a professional point of view, everything is very cool!

Aziza and Jenya

Jenya and Kira! Thank you very much for the photos, all are living, bright and happy) Its one great pleasure to watch them. While looking at the photos, I’ve experienced again all those emotions that were on the wedding day! Series from Aziza and Jenya’s wedding you can see here.

24 September 2016.

Igor Libet

Almost a year left from our wedding, I want to leave a small comment about Kira and Jenya’s work (a wave of memories hit us).
1) The photos were really professional and of very high quality. This is obvious even for non-professionals.
2) It's very easy to work with the guys! Very positive and intelligent people. Pleasant.
3) The guys will say what to do, where to stand, what to show, and at the same time make it will look as natural as possible.
4) This is not a factory-trite photosession. To each, I'm sure, the guys have their own approach. This is not only commerce, but also art for them. This is exactly so. In general, thanks a lot to the guys, I sincerely advise all my clients to work with them. I repeat, it has been almost a year, and my wife and I still happily watch photos and we always rejoice.

07 September 2013.
- Igor, thank you for the feedback on our work!

Nadya and Anton

Guys, THANKS A MILLION !!! The photos are just unreal !!!!!! So living, real, that's what we’ve dreamt about!!! You are so good fellows, so many details, so many moments, nothing was missed! We are just overwhelmed with emotions! Tomorrow we will definitely call
P.s. Kira, our improvised set with preparation is cosmic!!! You're so clever! I did not even expect that it would be so great! Thanks you very much! 😍 😍 😍

05 September 2015.

Mikhail Kondratiev, programmer

I saw many works of "professional" photographers, the names of many of them are famous ... To be honest, I didn’t remember anyone ... Yes, it is clear that people shoot using serious equipment, read books on photography .. e.t.c. but with rare exception, 1 out of 50 photos, they don’t catch ... at all. In Jenya’s photos, on the contrary, one can see something special, living, something that can not be conveyed in words ... that part of the world that lies between reality and the banal "click of the shutter" ...

Tanya and Oleg

Jenya and Kira, you are so cool, you are such good fellows! We want to thank you for the pictures we’ve received, and for the time that we spent together. Everything was so easy and without any constraints, it seemed that we had been communicating for a hundred years. It's so nice to work with you and do not notice how the whole day comes to an end .. Thank you for your creative pictures, all of them with your individual approach and your own look on how pictures should look like on the wedding day, and we are very happy that this look reflect ours . All photos are full of lightness and happiness! The mixture of smiles, laughter, glitter in the eyes, it's all about our wedding shots, from those where there were only two of us and finishing with photos of our friends and guests. All friends who have not married yet, have already decided on their photographers for the wedding, we’ve received such feedbacks!
All photos without a hint of standard staged photography, without "stupid ideas" of the photographer. I hope that this is only our first joint shooting and there will still be a lot of interesting things ahead. All your work is sincere as you are! Do not stop at what you have achieved, we wish you great success in your work! Your lovely Italians, Oleg and Tanya!)

19 July 2014.
- Our cute Italians, thank you for the wonderful feedback!

Masha and Sasha

Guys, Kira and Jenya, in the first place, of course, we want to say thank you. In this word we put all our gratitude and warmth. Your photos are real art, pictures which we will enjoy, and admire all our life. All the photos are like from the cover of the magazine. Very sincere emotions, smiles (someone was smiling too much :), bright moments and interesting perspectives. The color scheme is bright, juicy, at the same time gentle and natural. Your professionalism and creativity are the model for imitation. Thank you for letting us feel like a fairy tale, and let it be just one day, but thanks to you. It will remain so bright, beautiful and happy moment in our hearts forever. Hurrah!

05 August 2016.
- Masha and Sasha, thanks for the feedback!

Nastya and Sasha

Guys! Thank you very much for the unreal photos !!! 😍 😍 😍 Our constant comment when watching photos was: "And this cool! And this cool! And this one!".And thanks for the whitened teeth! We do not even know how to choose photographs now! Not even for the album, but just for the parents, what to print and present now.

07 October 2015.

Rada and Sasha

Guys, the pictures are very cool, thank you very much !!!
The photos are all just super! Some very unexpected, a lot of emotions! As we’ve relived the whole wedding again)

13 January 2017.

Ilmira and Yago

Thanks to Jenya and Kira for our story. The pictures reflect us on 100% and show the individuality. It was pleasant to work with you on all aspects. Thank you for being with us on the most important day of our lives!

04 October 2014.

Irina and Vitaly

I join everyone, whose wedding day was fixed on miracle camera of Jenya Garton! Jenya , you're super cool! This person belongs to that category of professional photographers who are "easygoing guys." On our special wedding day, we least wanted to "work on camera" and naturally wanted to enjoy the moments that we were experiencing. That is why, when looking through photos, we want to cry with excitement: there were caught such moments about the existence of which we didn’t even know. Natural poses, living emotions. Friends left positive feedbacks about your work)))Jenya , thank you very much for the work, for such a special "your own" view of what is happening, for the ideas, for the quality of pictures, for positive and good mood, just for the fact that on the 14th June you and Kira were with us!

14 June 2013г.

Pavel Chetvertkov, photographer

I am amazed by Jenya’s energy - he does not get tired of shooting weddings everyday and the amount of orders. Cheerful, talented. Constantly improves knowledge and techniques.

Oksana and Alexey

Jenya, thank you very much for our wonderful wedding photosession! I found your site a long time ago and visited it several times - just because of curiosity. Then I did not intend to get married. And when I got ready, I visited it again and it looked quite differently. I realized that your style is very close to me: the photos are very gentle, sensual and romantic and that for me it was important, without extreme editing.😊 And for some reason I immediately caught myself on the thought that the person making such good photos must himself be very, very pleasant and easygoing. Looking ahead, I wanna say that the result has really surpassed all our expectations (no matter how cliched it may sound). In the photos we see exactly what we’ve wanted : tenderness, sensuality and naturalness. Received positive feedbacks from the relatives.
And also - thank you very much for your patience, for your attitude and understanding, for spending all day with us, for your good mood, for your positive attitude, for understanding what we wanted, much better , than we ourselves understood it. And of course, for seeing us as we wanted to be seen, and finally, for giving us and our loved ones a wonderful mood. It’s exactly what we feel while looking at your photos! 😊 In general, thank you that we had found you in the Internet and you turned out to be such a wonderful photographer and a person! Good luck to you, more success in art, interesting projects and good clients!

23 July 2011.
- Oksana and Alexey, thanks for the feedback about our work!

Lera and Egor

Thank you very much, Jenya and Kira, for the excellent work! Pictures with real emotions and amazingly caught moments, photos reflecting the mood of our holiday! Thank you for your unique style, for the professionalism and the beauty that you create.

01 February 2014.

Alina and Alexey

My husband and I express our gratitude to the photographers, Jenya and Kira, the guys did a good job, they did not interfere with anyone at the wedding. With Jenya it is easy to find a common language, he always listens and tries to realize the wishes of customers. All our wedding photos are so bright and colorful, an excellent memory for the whole life! Thank you, the Gaydaburs.

25 June 2011.

Sasha and Sasha

I think there are no words that can describe it. To say that I’m thrilled, it’s to say nothing! I look at some photos and do not understand when you managed to do them. It seemed to me that you were not around at that moment, but there are pictures! It’s a kind of miracle :) Everything is exactly the way I’ve wanted!

06 July 2013.

Tanya and Vlad

Thanks for the pictures, we looked everything yesterday and we felt as we were again at the wedding !)))) Everything is very colorful, and we are very photogenic even in all possible states during that evening 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻Thanks a lot! The only small recommendation for the future - do more portrait shots, they are cool, but not so many, although we want, of course, that the pictures do not end at all!)))) Thanks a lot !!

01 August 2015.
P.S We’ll take your recommendation into consideration and improve, there will be more portraits, thanks for feedback😘

Yana and Maxim

Kira, thank you HUGE for the photos, really liked !!! 🤗 we are delighted !!! in such an important day for us, we are very happy that it was you who were with us! Such shots are amazing, thank you !!!
P.S. Your crane is just super 👍👏😉

19 September 2015.

Julia and Semyon

Guys, the photos are wonderful, the guests have already started receiving portions of them, and the reviews are super!) In general, we want to collect all and show the whole series) I imagine how many emotions there will be) I want to say one more time: we are just delighted with the photos! They are incredible! Thank you very much!!!

30 May 2015.

Lyuba and Artem

Guys, we’ve really liked the pictures, there are perfect 👏👏👏😊😘😘thank you very much 👏👏👏

08 August 2015.

Nastya and Dima

Hello, Jenya and Kira!) Everything is fine!) Feedbacks from relatives, they are delighted with photos 👏👏👏 thank you very much)

16 June 2016.

Nastya and Kolya

Guys, thank you very much 😘 we'll see everything tomorrow in the family circle (I'll beat myself on my hands not to look earlier) We’ll write you after that. And thanks for the warm words, very nice, really 😊 Guys, everything is just super, I liked it very much, thank you very much again!

05 August 2015.

Alina and Andrew

Guys, it’s sooo cool))) We’ve already watched it for 4 times)) and a little more)) Guys, we can not describe the emotions, everything is like on a roller coaster)) and just moments of the wedding still come up in the memory) Thank you very much, again, just thanks a lot !)) You are chic!)

29 August 2015.

Polina and Andrew


09 July 2016.

Lera and Nikita

Guys, Kira and Jenya, thank you so much for the photo! They turned out to be very lively, sincere and creative! We are glad that we’ve chosen you. Our delight has no limits!

21 July 2016.

Sveta and Igor

Guys, thaaaaank you!!! I did not think that 500 photos would be received so quickly, I wanted to watch more and more! So many smiles, joy, beauty, you caught the moments, so many cool really funny and kind moments!))) And our photosession - so light and insightfulm! In general, it turned out exactly as we wanted, we are very happy! Thank you for your inspiration, a special look and in general for your creativity! We are glad that we have chosen you!))) Guys, great photos. Thank you! As it was the 2nd time, our nerves were at the limit. It's good to have found you!

07 November 2015.

Katya and Sergey

Guys, photos are masterpieces!) We sat and savored each of them)

21 August 2015.

Evgenia Drozdovskaya

Good evening, Kira and Jenya ! Today it was my turn and I finally looked at the photos)) The photos turned out to be very bright, living, in general, real !!! Thank you very much for your work and your talent! You are tremendous fellows! Thanks again!!!

28 April 2015.

Anya and Rustam

Guys, thank you very much 😘 we'll see everything tomorrow in the family circle (I'll beat myself on my hands not to look earlier) We’ll write you after. And thanks for the warm words, very nice, really 😊 Guys, everything is just super, I liked it very much, thank you very much again! Received feedbacks from the relatives, they are very happy :)

5-6 July 2014.

Galya Tyubina, wedding organizer

Photos are just incredible, really. It’s just a pearl of my portfolio !!!!