Bride in a black dress

The most unusual wedding, which we had to shoot in the winter: the bride was in a black dress and the groom was a musician who shot the street using "Leica". We met the guys a week before the wedding. They arranged a wedding in 1 month! And they did a really great job.

At the meeting Liza told how she had chosen her perfect black dress from the designer Vera Wang. Walking along Kutuzovsky Liza went to the salon of wedding dresses, the first fitting and here it was: the most cherished dress which perfectly fitted her. Maxim is a musician and the founder of the band "The Soul Voyager", in which the actress Sonia Resnyanskaya sings. Besides, Max is fond of photography! With the guys we were immediately on the same wave, they were interested to hear about the photo and we in turn learned more about music, various directions in it. After meeting with the guys, we saw each other only once. We were walking in the park Tsaritsyno discussing the route and the photos that we would do on the wedding day. This park was chosen not casually, facades of the buildings matched the style of their wedding.

During the walk Liza was surrounded by 3 photographers, it was very funny. We were shooting the wedding in March, it was cloudy and cool. But when we arrived with Liza and Maxim to the photosession in Tsaritsyno the sun came out, and when we finished it again became cloudy. Then we were really surprised by it and were rejoicing like children. At the photosession we were able to realize everything that had conceived during the previous walk.

After that we went to the restaurant "Romashka", the founders of which are the football players – the Kombarov brothers. There we enjoyed the beautiful singing of Sony Resnyanskaya and the sound of Max's guitar. The guys sang old soul and rhythm & blues covers of such famous artists as Barbara Lynn, Ruth Brown, Gloria Jones, Nina Simone. Yes, then we experienced a real pleasure from their music. We were highly impressed by the atmosphere in which we were lucky to get! It’s been a year since we’ve met, we’ve become friends and still attend Max’s concerts :)

We had sent the short version of this series to the international contest "Mywed Award" and to our joy it was included to the shortlist.