Bridal preparation

So, girls, this information is for you. Everything about bridal preparation or morning of the bride. There are a lot of questions: where, how, with whom and what do photographers and videographers shoot and most importantly why?

Where is it better to meet the morning on a wedding day?

Now I will ask you a few questions, answering them you can understand where it is better to spend the morning on such an important day for you! Have you decided where the wedding ceremony will take place? Excellent! Then choose a hotel or apartments that are located near this place, look if there would be enough light and space, because in the morning you will have a whole team: a stylist, photographer, videographer and maybe some of them will be of two. Well, you’ve understood the hint, yes?

The variant of the house is suitable in case you have enough space and natural light from the window, I don’t even talk about the quality of repair and cleanliness in the room.You want beautiful photos and videos, and not just for a tick, don’t you?

Are the outdoor ceremony and banquet held in one place? Yes! In general, there is a clear understanding of the situation, it is also better to prepare also at this place, rather than go from home "all so beautiful" together with the crew. This way you will save much money paying photographers and videographers and you will have more time for a photosession on the territory of the celebration or at the nearest beautiful locations.

How to spend the bridal preparation?

There are 3 types of bridal preparations:

1. "Get to me if you can": the bride's preparation at the hotel or at home, the groom comes from the house for the bride at the appointed place and time.

Pros. There are not any! Well, I'm joking. Close relatives will create a warm atmosphere and surround you with care, if you’re at home. If you’re at the hotel then take with you a couple of girlfriends and fun during preparation will be guaranteed.

Cons. The same relatives can panic if suddenly the wheel of the car in which you will go to the ceremony has come off. If you want to see the preparation of both of you on photos and videos, then you will need 2 photographers and 2 videographers and pay for their transfer to the place. And this is an additional waste. The groom is late and timing goes to hell, which in the first place will affect the duration of the photosession. The groom comes too early and hanging around in anticipation of his beloved beauty. As a result, his mood is spoiled because of the waiting. Solution to this problem: a glass of Bacardi Black or see point 2 and 3.) And because I don’t want you to throw tomatoes at me, I will add : "There are exceptions, and the groom arrives in time with a super mood!"

2. "Close your eyes, I'm not ready.": separate preparations of the bride and groom at one hotel in different apartments . Perhaps 85% of our couples choose this option.

Pros. In the photo and video series you get your and his portraits, process of preparation. You don’t not worry that he will be late, stuck in traffic. He is not nervous because of your long preparation, because we will take it upon ourselves, we will distract him with a couple of avatars and a conversation on sentimental topics. Preparation is in one style, the wedding story looks holistically and interesting.

Cons. The picture is more static than if your friends have joined you or if you have joint preparation. The mood is created by the film crew, so in this matter it is important that you find those who are close to you in spirit, have common interests.

3. "Do not look at my dress!": joint preparation, as a rule, is very fun, the bride helps the groom to get dressed, and then he waits for her to appear in all her glory!

Pros. In such gatherings there is life, comical moments, the mood is always upbeat, because with you there is also a loved one.

Cons. Perhaps in the process of preparation the groom will partially see your image and the first impression will be blurred, but in fact it's lie, he will in any case be delighted! Because we say: "Smile in all 32 teeth" :-D

With whom spend the morning of the bride?

With girlfriends and friends, future spouse, parents and close relatives and the last but not the least are: stylist, photographer and videographer.

What photographers and videographers are shooting during bride's preparation and most importantly, why?

In addition to dresses and rings with a bouquet, we shoot your and his mood, emotions of a girlfriend, whom you have not seen for several years and she has gone hundred of kilometers to be present at your wedding, hugs and handshakes of a friend, excitement before your meeting, tears of your mother; the atmosphere that surrounds you on one of the most significant days of your life.

What for? Firstly, you get used to the camera and the crew, which you see maximum for the second time and during the walk feel relaxed, this way you get beautiful photos. Secondly, it's memory, looking through photos and videos, you'll remember the feelings that you had that day, and it's valuable.
Thank you for reading!

Wedding of Arina and Vanya

Briefly about the wedding: drive, emotions, life in every photo - all of this. Enjoy!
  • Preparation: Hotel Novotel Moscow City
  • Stylist: Daria Sharapova
  • Restaurant: LOFT#1
  • Organizer: MoreAmore Wedding
  • Host: Pavel Artyomov
  • Decorator: Kristina Nekrasova