Mountain photoshoot of Ramina and Aznaur

About the trip to Elbrus: on the 3rd of January, 2017 we had a photosession in the mountains with the fiancés and their friends. Waking up in the morning and going out on the balcony in "Adam's costume", it was clear that it was very warm outside, and even on that little mountain, which could be seen from the window, you could arrange a deckchair, sunbathe and drink orange juice:)

"Look at the street! The weather is beautiful" - Kira told me.

"Exactly" I answered throwing in a backpack a pair of panties, three pairs of socks, a warm scarf and gloves.

My city girl pulled on sneakers, light down jacket, leggings and was frowning because my backpack was too big. As a result, for the photosession in the mountains, we were all dressed as "at the picnic" and, yes, it was cold. #obormotyvnalchike #noway

It took about 2 hours to get from #Nalchik to Elbrus. We left early, at 8.00 in the morning. In general, as we understood this was the shortest road to Elbrus. The shooting at the station "Mir" continued for some hours, the temperature was -17°C and there was a gusty wind of 11m/s. We spent on that photosession the whole day. When we returned back it was pitch black outside.

We were lucky to enjoy good weather: all the days while we were in Kabardino-Balkaria, it was sunny. We were told that at the top everything could be clouded in half an hour and nothing would be seen at all.

It's difficult to shoot in the mountains. Much more difficult than shooting a wedding on a hot summer day. We couldn’t see anything in the viewfinder. Nothing. At all. It wouldn’t be clear what settings to set, if we had been without #zacuto. This thing helped me out in an incredible way.

Kira had the same problems, but she was a #smartchick and therefore had taken with her a cool german polarizer #Rodenstock: since at the top it was very bright, so that we had to screw up our eyes in the literal sense. And with Rodenstock we could set camera settings to maximum and weren’t afraid that we would get into the overexposure.

Wedding day

On the wedding day everything was more relaxed. Beautiful first dance, national music. We like to shoot national weddings, which are organized according to all canons, so we learn more about other cultures and expand our horizons. And there are a lot of guests at such weddings. At the Ramina and Aznaur’s wedding there were 250 guests, this was considered to be a small wedding, as they told us they had invited only the closest people. At such weddings it is very important to show the scale of the event.

And in the evening there was a moment when we were having supper, six men came to us and each of them said words of gratitude and toasts in our honor. It was damn nice. Enjoy watching!