Outdoor Wedding Ceremony of Sasha and Jenya

Official outdoor marriage registration how it is and what’s that? About everything in order. If it is important for you that the registration and the wedding party take place on the same day, but you do not want to see the "woman from the registry office", then you will certainly like this idea. There are several beautiful places in Moscow, which on behalf of the registry office will hold a beautiful ceremony. This registration is held under live music, and in the registry office recorded music is used. At the conclusion of the ceremony, you can dance together or there will be made a fire show for you , everything depends on the site itself.

Not a complete list of sites that provide this service: "Pyotr Smirnov's Mansion" on Tverskoi Boulevard, "Tsaritsyno Palace Reserve", "Petroff Palace", "Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve", "Lublino" Manor, "Danilovskaya" Hotel and some other sites. Practically in each of them we worked and as a rule after registration the site employee arranges excursion for guests, and meanwhile the bride and groom can be photographed in the halls or on the territory. Jenya and Sasha’s choice fell on the ceremony in Tsaritsyno.

About the wedding

It was a sunny and hot day, Sasha was preparing in the hotel "Milan", the color scheme of the room matched the color of her dress, shoes and accessories, I admit, we were really amazed by that :-)

Soon the groom, Jenya, arrived and we went to the ceremony, which took place in the Catherine Hall in Tsaritsyno. After the ceremony we walked around the manor and further we had to split up with Jenya. His task was to arrive earlier than guests, to shoot a beautiful decor in the restaurant "Soroka"in the New Rig, and then shoot the welcome.

At that time I went with the fiancés to the restaurant. On the way, we stopped at Krylatskoye Hills to take a few more shots. It did not last long because the temperature was below 30C° and we wanted to go to the shade, but there wasn’t any :)

When we arrived at the restaurant "Soroka" we were met by a wonderful host Leonid Margolin. Without exaggeration, I can say that he is one of the best, no words, just see the pictures and you will see many smiles and relaxed friendly atmosphere :-) Enjoy!