Shooting of Aziza and Jenya’s wedding

The shooting of Aziza and Jenya’s wedding began in the apartments of "Moscow City". From the windows of the apartments we had a chic view of the city and the towers standing side by side. While we were shooting the details, the guys were telling us a funny story about how they had met in the bus. :-)

That day we worked as a friendly team with a videographer Roma Sizikov. And Aziza's make-up and hairstyle were done by the colleague girls from the salon "MONE", by the way her curls were perfect. The style that had been made for her lasted all day. The wedding bouquet was completely made of white orchids: tender and refined.

After registering the marriage in the Kutuzovsky registry office we went for a shoot at White Studios, which was not far from the registry office. We had booked it, of course, in advance, it was our backup plan in case of rain and it saved us, because it was windy and very cold outside. What is convenient in shooting at the studio? Now there are many studios that have beautiful interiors. It is convenient to take group shots with guests and make portraits with both natural light from the windows and with studio light. Due to this, shooting can be done in different styles.

After shooting in the studio, we went to a banquet in the restaurant "Il Barolo". Wedding studio "Beeze" decorated the hall with high white and pink compositions of fresh flowers, in the corners of the restaurant there were beautiful photo zones, where congratulations were expressed and the group shooting was done. Hall in the restaurant was not the right shape, resembles the letter "F" as there were massive columns, a little low ceiling. The result with a speedlight was not suitable for us, so it was decided to use flashes on the holders, they were arranged around the perimeter of the site and welded to certain areas. This venue was difficult for shooting a wedding, so additional light was absolutely necessary.

At the wedding there were about 60 guests, congratulations, hugs, dances, tricks and one of the brightest moments of the celebration was a performance from the groom. It turned out that Jenya, who played a little on piano in his childhood, had taken some lessons before the wedding keeping it secret from Aziza and dedicated a song to her that evening! It was very romantic and touching. After shooting the wedding, we left with a pleasant feeling, because everything went perfectly. Enjoy watching!