Wedding in May

One good sign I know for sure, the wedding in May means beautiful and juicy photos. Yes, yes, it’s exactly so! May weddings are so beautiful, everything is flourishing and blooming, it's warm and sunny on the street. Katya and Sasha’s wedding was held in the picturesque place "White Park New Riga Bay", and the preparing and walk were in Pavlovo. Many trees were blossoming there at that time and we could not miss that opportunity.

The wedding was organized by the wedding agency "Marmelad Wedding", the videographers from "Welcome Films".

At the wedding party there were about 70 guests. The host Sergey Neginsky created an easy and relaxed atmosphere and held Katya and Sasha’s ceremony. After it, we were entertaining guests and photographing them, while Katya was changing the image. The fiancés danced in the zone where the registration had taken place. We really liked that format of organizing the first dance. Also, the girls from "Marmelad Wedding" made a zone where guests were able to take pictures, smoke a hookah and just sit, relax and admire the sunset.

The wedding cake was taken to the zone where the registration had taken place and against the beautiful background we photographed the moment of cutting the cake and launching a huge number of white glowing balls that resembled clouds. As a result, we received various photos showing the scale of the event, as well as the emotions of Katya and Sasha and their guests. We really like such format of the wedding day and it’s really close to us. Enjoy watching!