Wedding in Montenegro

"We are again flying to Montenegro," I screamed to Jenya, he did not understand what was happening and only after I had calmed down told him about Anya and Dima. A smile and then a question "How to drive holders?".

The guys told me at the meeting how they first had found me, and then lost. The only thing that Anya remembered was that I was red, I was found by the color of my hair. Our trip lasted for 4 days, we dedicated 2 days to Anya and Dima, another day we left for the preparation, and the fourth day we dedicated to ourselves and to our dream: to see the sunset on the top of the mountain of the Lovcen park.

First day: Preparation

We arrived from Moscow, at the exit from the airport we were waited by a surprise in the face of a friend and part-time videographer Vanya Smetanin, hugs, bargaining with a taxi driver, the road, settling in, meeting with Anya and Dima and their friends, talked about an action plan for tomorrow and then sleep.

The second day of Porto Montenegro

Dima arrived in the morning on a gorgeous car, we really liked it and went to shoot Anya’s preparation. For the walk we chose 3 different locations, the time allowed to do that. We drove along the seashore, then climbed the mountains on a serpentine and before the ceremony in the rays of the setting sun we were walking on the territory of Porto Montenegro where the ceremony was held.The hall and the arch were decorated with white compositions, the organizator the wedding agency "". The atmosphere of the evening was warm and cheerful the fiancés had invited the closest relatives and and friends to that holiday. That evening Dima told everyone what was connecting him to each of the guests. The evening ended with an epic cutting of the wedding cake and Anya and Dima’s sensual dance.

The third day, we are waiting for the adventure!

We had never eaten such delicious dorado and sea bass, it was fantastic, the fish was prepared by the captain of the ship, while the boys were bathing in the bay! We swam, sunbathed, had fun, looked at Montenegro, Dima interviewed the guests and in general they had a lot of fun that day, in parallel we photographed all this and photographed ourselves. The ship had not yet docked and three of us jumped over the side to get to the car that had been rented for the fourth day. Evening. New apartments. Lack of communication. Acquaintance with neighbors. Cheese, wine, grapes, talk until the night with new friends. They told us where we were going to go, the guys liked fire our idea and we agreed to go to the mountains together.

Fourth day, I am the happiest girl!

Jenya had agreed in advance that Vanya will shoot a love story for us. In the morning, Vanya was already waiting for us, we all got into the car and went to the seashore, snacked and then went to the mountains to catch the sunset. On the top it was cool, we were caught by a heavy downpour, and then the sun came out and we enjoyed the sunset. And then everything was as in a fog, because at the top of the mountain of the Lovcen park I received an offer from Jenya to become his wife! Photo, video as it was from the link in the blog

Enjoy watching!

P.S. I said: "Of course, YES!" :-)