Wedding out of the city

Oksana and Jenya decided to hold a wedding celebration out of the city in the boutique hotel "MONA". I'll tell you a little about this.

  • you can accommodate all the guests in the hotel;
  • wide range of services ranging from a different banquet menu and finding contractors for the celebration to the benches for the ceremony;
  • for a banquet in the territory there is a tent, and the halls are suitable for any number of people, from 30 to 150.
  • on this site there can be up to 5 weddings in one day;
  • a limited number of locations where you can take pictures;
  • benches and other attributes the hotel rents out;
  • difficult to get there, if you without car.

In general, here it is necessary to say that there is no ideal site and it is always necessary to sacrifice something. If you do not bother with any of the shortcomings, then you can consider this site for the wedding.

Now a few words about the wedding. Oksana chose two different styles on the wedding day. For the photosession, which had been before the ceremony, the stylists made her curls, bright lips and she wore a lacy claret dress. During the welcome, she changed her style: a bunch, delicate make-up, white dress with a train and veil.

Jenya saw Oksana in a new image only at the ceremony, his eyes were lighting up with happiness! After the touching ceremony, all the guests congratulated the bride and groom and a curious moment happened. During the hugs the button of the jacket of one of the guests caught on the lace of Oksana’s dress, in general they were stuck to each other for some time. It was very funny and all experienced cheerful emotions. We just only had time to take pictures)))

The banquet was in the "Ball Room", this hall is great for weddings with 80-120 guests. The hall was divided into 2 zones, one for dancing, the second for the placement of tables and additionally there was a covered veranda for holding a buffet table. As the hall is large, additional lighting is required and when working there we always take 4 additional light holders. This way we get beautiful atmospheric photos.

The host of the event was Dmitry Babayev. That evening the group "Impressive People" (soloist was Ivan Dolmatov), created a perfect performance. Even the grandmother did not resist and started to dance :)

At the end of the celebration there was a fire show from Ferdzhulyan and after their performance Oksana and Jenya danced against the background of lights. It was very beautiful and incendiary! Enjoy watching!